Wednesday 16th December 2015

A new day awakens and we’re struck with the realization it’s been 13 years today since our beloved little girl passed away. Whilst we’ve been thinking about it a great deal in recent days, it’s not until the 16th arrives that the real emotions kick in. As is the usual practice for Georgia and I, we will celebrate Maddie’s life in our own private way by doing something special today. No work, no mobile phones, no social media. Just the two of us and our precious memories. Thank you again to the many people who have sent us messages and prayers during and after Maddie’s journey. It does make a difference.

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One comment on “Wednesday 16th December 2015
  1. Dan Tonkin says:

    Hi Ian, I saw you in the foyer at 242 the other day but wasn’t quite quick enough to catch you. This is just a wee note to say hello and that I often think of your beautiful Maddie. I look at my two young ones (four and six) and am reminded that every single day with them is an absolute blessing. Just looking at some of Maddie’s pictures again, as I do from time to time, is a reality check on how precious life is. Be well Ian and I’ll be sure to call out next time I catch sight of you at work. Cheers, Dan Tonkin

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