Saturday 16th December 2006

Today was a strange sort of day. This year because Maddie’s anniversary fell on a weekend, and in particular a busy Saturday morning, it hasn’t brought the usual focus and attention that the day normally draws, as we have not deliberately taken a day off work. We have tried to go about our business in a normal manner, doing some grocery shopping in the morning, some household chores in the afternoon. Although we did tell people not to call us. The last thing we feel like today is a mountain of telephone calls and messages. We know family and friends are thinking of us and that’s all that counts.

Christmas is approaching again. It’s a very painful time of the year there’s no too ways about it. There is never a good time to lose a child, let alone at this time of year when there is so much focus on children and families. We continue to put up the tree and surround it with presents. You try to be normal even though you know you’re not.

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